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Network Codes & FDSN Network codes

Network codes are hierarchical top levels keys to data. They are normally formed by two letters or numbers from 0-9. However, some few network codes are only 1 letter length. Network codes should be unique for each time epoch. Normally it would suffice to say that the pair network code - start date is unique for any given seismological station in the SEED context.

Network codes should only be attributed by FDSN, that will make sure that they do not overlap.

If you would like to share networks with codes that are not FDSN given we can also do it, but will be needed an extra step in accomplish that. Please use the right field to indicate your network code in the registration form so we can check later and avoid confusion.

FDSN registration forms can be found here and here for permanent and temporary networks.

Metadata Loading

We have two possible ways to integrate metadata into this system:

Static: In this way we sync static files supplied by each network operator. Each set of files should contain information from one network. Data is not overnight updated with possible changes.

Dynamic: Metadata is obtained from a supported system overnight allowing the system to integrate changes as soon as they are made by the responsible organization.

When dealing with static loading the following metadata formats are supported for integration:

Using dynamic metadata loading, each network operator should indicate an ArcLink or FDSNWS server URL were the information could be obtained.

Obtaining Metadata From SeisComp3 system

If you have a SeisComp3 system running you can obtain inventory (metadata) information to submit to us. For that, just use scxmldump command line tool with the -I option. Optionally, use the command line option --stations to select the stations that you would like to export.

Example (Extracting all BL station from database):

% seiscomp exec scxmldump -d mysql://sysop:sysop@localhost/seiscomp3 -I\
   --stations "BL.*"\
   -f -o My-BL.inventory

Please adjust the "mysql://sysop:sysop@localhost/seiscomp3" according to your database connection URI. To find out your database connection URI, open the scolv tool and press F2. In the lower bottom of the connection window you can find the parameters, just join the Type with the Connection using a // and you are done. That one indicated there is the system default value (mysql server type, username sysop, password sysop, machine localhost and database seiscomp3).