Network Metadata Registration Form

Please, use this form to request the inclusion of one network to the synchronization process. After you submitted the form we will contact you for any extra information necessary to add your network to the synchronization process. If more files are needed they will be requested. If you have supplied an ArcLink or FDSNws servers, we will try to fetch data automatically and then inform you about required actions or informations to complete the procedure. Once the procedure is completed, your metadata will be available to anyone using our services.

Basic Contact Information

Your Name*:

Your Organization Name*:

Network Registration Information

Please supply a network code or a FDSN network code. Only supply a FDSN network code if you registered this network code at the FDSN or IRIS. Start date is mandatory while end date is optional. An empty end date means that the network is still operating. If your network is permanent your should use 1980-01-01 as the starting date of your network or earlier (if it started before that date).

Network Code*:
FDSN Network Code*:

Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)*:
End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):

Metadata Loading Mechanisms

Please indicate at least one metadata loading mechanism below. In the case that you do not have a metadata ready please indicate that with the appropriate checkbox and we will contact you to help/adivise you collecting the necessary information to set up a basic metadata for your network.

ArcLink Server (address:port):

FDSNws/station Server (URL, http://...):

Will submit metadata later uppon request.
Don't have metadata. Have station coordinates only.