What we do around here?

This is the metadata aggregator system for Latin American Seismological Networks. We run SeisComp3 as our backend software and then, the merged metadata will be accessible using ArcLink or FDSNWS once the server is loaded. The loading process at this very initial stage will be organized by the people at the Seismological Center in USP/Brazil.

If you manage any network and would like to share its metadata through this system please fill in the form in the Registration Page. After that we will contact you for more information or to indicate that the merging process was made successfully.

We have two possible ways to integrate metadata into this system:

Static: In this way we sync static files supplied by each network operator. Each set of files should contain information from one network. Data is not overnight updated with daily changes. This works fine for finished temporary experiments.

Dynamic: Metadata is obtained from a supported system overnight allowing the system to integrate changes as soon as they are made by the responsible organization. This method is strongly recommended for current operating networks.

Dynamic metadata will be synchronized overnight with the indicated servers based on a managed Master Table. An initial presentation of the concepts to be achieved by the project can be seen at this small slide set shown at the "National Geophysical Networks in Latin America" workshop organised by IRIS, May 2015, Santiago, Chile.